Arrival in London Day

Arrival Day.

First step on journey halfway around the world to visit family and attend a Muslim wedding for Sean and Ayesha.

We left Toronto in the evening and headed overnight to Heathrow. We flew on a one of the new Boeing 787s that BA has put into service and one can tell it’s an economic model driving the aircraft design.


The plane is desined for very good fuel efficiency with lots of carbon fiber to provide strength while reducing weight. The flex on the wings in flight is pretty incredible. On the down side the finish and trim inside economy is pretty low quality.

Lavatory arrangements are interesting with the mid cabin ones oriented to the long axis of the aircraft giving much more headroom, but the fittings and sink are quite poor quality. They work, sort of, as for example, the toilet paper holders.

It’s not a huge plane, and is much smaller inside than I expected.

Seat pitch is not bad in BA’s WorldTraveler Plus, approximately 38 inches but the 3 3 3 configuration in the economy section are very tight with a pitch of 31 inches according to the BA website.

Luggage compartments are shaped like scoops and seem very front heavy when opening.

The seats in front of us in World Traveller Plus recline so far back that you have to recline your own seat to be comfortable. We were one row back from the bulkhead on flights to and from LHR and had the same problem on both flights.

And of course there was a crying 5 year who sobbed and cried the whole flight from takeoff until sunrise in Europe that made it tough to sleep!

We had decided to fly BA because of good experiences in the past, but may not in the future. I found a website called SeatGuru that I will use in the future to better explore seats for overseas flights in the fture.


Finally, we neared LHR, landed and passed through immigration who took a good close look at our Pakistani Visa and inquired as to why we had one.

We explained about Sean and the wedding, the first in a long line of explanations I expect we are likely going to have to repeat until our passports expire.


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