Monday- First Party in Pakistan

Getting up, Tuesday morning PK time.

We had a marvelous day Monday.

Got up after a solid 8 hours of sleep and tried our first Club breakfasts. We are staying in a exclusive Club, and have a suite of rooms for each family. After breakfast, we had a walk around the gardens and got a tour from Elaine.

Early in day, I managed to get some rowing in at the Club gym, doing about 5000m after some false starts, but I figure that I will have to row a bunch of times this week to burn off all the calories.

Major event on Monday was a party at a Friends house, with many of the guests ones invited to the wedding as well.

This party was hosted by Irum, one of Naila close friends, and was the kickoff event of the week of wedding celebrations, leading to the wedding on Thursday, and a big reception on Saturday at the Club where we are staying.

Working week so party started late, about 830 and went to about midnight.

Party was about a 10 minute drive away at the hostess’ house, all decorated in honour of the occasion. There was a large number of tables in the courtyard of the home, with a buffet set along one side, and cooking gear tucked in the the side yard.

The yard was decorated with bamboo on the walls and greenery everywhere with a canvas canopy suspended from the trees.

As the guest arrived, everyone was introduced to Ayesha and Sean, and we were introduced to all the friends and family. Clive is doing a great job of remembering names. Me not so much.

The food was great. We had been nibbling all day, with a sandwich or coffee after breakfast. The buffet had deep fried breads, called puri with lentil dishes, fresh yogurt, a type of halva that was more semi solid than what I’m used to. There was kabob chicken and beef and a mixed rice dish that was delicious.

The event was totally dry. Only water and soft drinks were there at a small bar table. And all the water was bottled. One of the guest warned us that bottle water was generally ok, but we really could get caught drinking the milk as there were different grades of pasteurization in the country.

We travelled to the party at Irum’s house in a group of vehicles, with 2 hired cars arranged by Naila, We headed to the party in a convoy of about 6 vehicles with guards. Traffic was not bad, but it was very busy with motorbikes, ricksha motor bikes and cars moving about on and off the roadways.

We split up the families into the various cars and i went with Turhan, Salman’s brother and his wife.

They said they were surprised by the presence of guards, as they travelled around just fine, but I mentioned that Naila was very concerned and so had arranged them.

After a great party and a great night, Everyone got back to the Club around midnight, safe and sound.

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