Part Two

This is a bit strange. We are starting in the middle. Currently in LHR traveling to Karachi, for a wedding.

We started this Journey in Toronto  Canada in late January, 2018.

Our nephew, Sean, is getting married to Ayesha, and they are having the ceremony in Karachi this week.

Our family, composed of my wife Cheryl, me (Mike), and our two daughters, Katie amd Meg are joining Sean’s parents and sister to be there.

After months and months of planning, reading, whatsapp chats and hundreds of texts and emails, the trip is underway.

More to come.

2 thoughts on “Part Two

  1. How do I get to look at past posts? I would like to look at the sun rise again but can only get 2. What if I’m at church and you post 3? All my experts are in Karachi!


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