Dubai Airport then on to Karachi

I really gave up trying to sleep about 3 hours before landing. After going though all the motions and

Security in Dubai was interesting and signs noted that security to Canada, USA, and one other country was more strict that the line we were going though. Why did they need to tell us that?

Dubai is a huge airport. We we lucky in that our gate was very close to the entrance where we reentered for security.

Boarding was unusually weird, with the gate attendants barking something in Urdu or Hindi, so everyone moved forward to clear the gate. No special gate treatment for business class at this point.

We boarded the plane. This was an older 777 and the business class seats were designed for long haul and overnight sleeping, so they were like little cubbies.

The food was very very good, as expected. I tried the locally inspired breakfast, which was quite spicy but a good intro to the food that would follow!

The flight was short, just about 1h45, straight east and we soon landed at airport in Karachi. We were escorted through customs and arrived on the street outside of the Airport with our bags, to meet Salman for the journey to the Club where we were to stay.

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